Penang Island Tour Flight

There are hundreds of beautiful islands within Malaysia and most of them can be visit by small plane or helicopter on tour flight package. The islands of Malaysia are divided as western peninsula, the eastern peninsula and the island around Borneo. All are equally stunning, though there enough differences between each island. Most popular tourist islands are Langkawi, Penang, Redang, Pangkor and Tioman.


It takes approximately three and half hours To & Fro by the small plane or helicopter direct to the most popular island resort of Penang Island.

Malaysia’s Penang Island is one of the best of the rest unique places to travel in Southeast Asia. It’s beach destination; it pales in comparison to the region’s best of the rest stretches of sand. It is popular because of its culture, its history and the most of all, its cuisine. The island’s main city, Georgetown, and the resort area of Batu Ferringhi are hotspots for food lovers. Visitors from major regional cities like Singapore and Kuala Lumpur flock to Penang to indulge themselves at food carts, night market stalls and restaurants.

The long history of contact between Indian, Malay and Chinese cultures in Penang has created a melting pot that is best of the rest experienced through the local cuisine.

One of the best of the rest way to experience these beautiful and wonderful islands is from the sky, flight tour above 1000ft that stretches above the coast and beaches.


Ever had the feeling of flying in your own airplane, or flying around a country Malaysia or particularly to Penang island all by yourself?  Why squint the distance, as Malaysia Flying Expert takes you in an awe-inspiring journey through the local skies. Watch the famous monuments of the country, the beautiful mountain ranges, and the spectacular landscapes from a four-seat, single-engine, high-wing, fixed-wing Cessna 172 Sky hawk, Piper Warrior rotor-wing R44 or EC120 helicopters. Experience the tours of Malaysia like never before, with allowances to all in flight requests on landing and taking off from any airport in the nation.

Malaysian Airports

Start the excursion from any of the fly-in locations in Malaysia. On almost every island here, there are airports where you can stop, relax, and restart the journey. All the destinations and airports are at a variety of distances from each other, so no trip would ever feel monotonous when you are with us. Make the special trip to the heart of Malaysia, seeing her local beauty of floating houses and winding rivers. Islands have all the facilities, which keep you connected to rest of the world. Manage the smallest of the tour plans like landing and take-off timings, flying closer to view scenery, extra baggage etc.


Islands of Malaysia

Choose from any of the airports like the Ipoh Airport (aka the Sultan Azlan Shah Airport), Melaka Airport, Selatah Airport (Singapore) or from any of the airports in the many islands in Malaysia like Pangkor Island, Penang Island, Langkawi Island, Tioman Island, Redang Island and many others. Stop at any of the island destinations to spend a night or two, and then take off on the next day to an all new journey around the local Malaysia. On the other hand, you can just stop at the airport for a quick snack or coffee, then board for the next trip. Charter the best voyage over the years with Malaysia Flying Expert.


Page of your Lifetime

Write the lines of memories that form the pages of your life. A journey with Malaysia Flying Expert is equivalent to owning an aircraft that cruises to any station of choice. Get the best service and assistance in Malaysia and a support staff at your heels attending to any queries about the journey? If you have any requests on staying in the islands or flight durations, our flight crew is more than willing to make adjustments at the last minute to cater these needs. So why wait, book your journey of a lifetime with Malaysia Flying Expert and roam over the seas, oceans, villages, hills, and greenery that make Malaysia the Asia’s Paradise on Earth.

Package Price

1.      Enjoy up to 39% discount with two additional passengers for an 40 minutes Introductory in Cessna 172 for RM954.00.

2.     Cessna 172, Fly Anytime Anywhere in Malaysia & Singapore. Rate per hour discounted RM1431 only.

3.     Helicopter Robinson44, Fly Anytime Anywhere in Malaysia & Singapore. Rate per hour discounted RM2900 only.

4.     Helicopter EC120, Fly anytime Anywhere in Malaysia & Singapore. Rate per Hour discounted RM3650 only.

Important Note:-

  1. When you book the specific tour package, please state your complete detail. The administrator for booking processing requires the following info: – e.g. “Full Name, Nationality, I/C or Passport Number, Date of Flying and Tour Code”.
  2. Two method of payment, CASH or Bank in to the RHB BANK BERHAD  CURRENT A/C NO.:   2-14062-000466-06  NAME: KELAB PENERBANGAN DIRAJA SELANGOR, before the flight booking.
  3. You may buy one package and use many, Min. 1. Max 3 people per group.
  4. If the weather becomes unfavourable, the Captain reserves the right to postpone or cancel all the tour without prior notice.
  5. The itinerary may subject to change with/without prior notice.
  6. Flight time is from engine start-up to engine shutdown.
  7. Pregnant Women and instability patient are requested to seek the doctor’s advice prior to taking the flight tours.
  8. The flights shall be conducted during the daylight hours and in clear weather condition.
  9. Passengers taking this tour are deemed to have done so at their own risk and shall not hold Aviation Services and Travel Agent liable.

How it works systematically

  Check-in —> Payment —> Flight Booking —> Pleasance Flight

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